A patient is seen for a diagnostic unilateral mammography. What code is assigned? A. 77066 B. 77055 C. 77065 D. 77059 Which of the following biopsy

Question Answered A patient is seen for a diagnostic unilateral mammography. What code is assigned?A. 77066B. 77055C. 77065D. 77059 Which of the following biopsy specimens is included in a Level IV surgical pathology examination (88305), but is not included in a Level V examination (88307)? A. Pancreas, biopsy B. Lung, wedge biopsy C. Endocervix, curerttings/biopsy D. Testis, biopsy The physician performs a lumbosubarachnoid shunt revision on a 49-year old male patient. What code should be assigned?A. 63740B. 63744C. 63746D. 63741Diagnostic brain imaging four static views with vascular flow is assigned with which code?A. 78606B. 78492C. 78481D. 78472What code should be assigned for Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, febrile agglutinate, and one antigens?A. 85598B. 86000C. 86000 x2D. 85549 x 2The difference between codes 66983 and 66984 is?A. Inner ear bone removal vs. outer ear bone removalB. Intraocular muscle excision vs. extraocular muscle excision C. Intracapsular cataract extraction vs. extracapsular cataract extraction D. Left ear drainage vs right ear drainage A five-month- old patient receives meningococcal conjugate vaccine, with serogroups C & Y and Hemophilus influenza B vaccine. The vaccine is administered intramuscularly on a Schedule of four doses. How is this coded?A. 90614B. 90634C. 90644D. 90624Secondary scar revision of amputation site lower right arm (ulna and radius) performed 9 months status postapmutation due to chronic staph infection is assigned to which CPT code?A. 25909-RTB. 25907-RTC. 25900-RTD. 25931-RTWhich of the following code ranges is used to describe end- stage renal disease services?A. 99601-99602B. 90951-90970C. 90935-90937D. 90945-90947Up to 48 hours of continuous Holter monitoring is assigned to what code range?A. 93224-93227B. 93270-93272C. 93224-93229D. 93228-93229 Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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