A patient was admitted to hospital to undergo a pre-scheduled…

Question Answered step-by-step A patient was admitted to hospital to undergo a pre-scheduled… A patient was admitted to hospital to undergo a pre-scheduled operative procedure to remove a malignant tumor. While the patient’s initial post-operative recovery was uneventful, the patient became increasingly agitated and paranoid. Following an attempt to leave the unit, security was called and the patient was placed in restraints, as ordered by the attending physician. After several hours in restraints, the nurse caring for the patient removed the restraints, documenting that the patient appeared calm and no longer voiced a desire to leave the premises. One hour after the removal of the restraints, the involved nurse noted that the patient was no longer in his room. The nurse immediately called security and reported the patient missing. (It is unclear to what extent search proceedings were carried out before the Code Yellow). Half an hour later, a Code Yellow was called. The patient was later found deceased, lying at the bottom of a stairwell in the hospital’s parking garage.Medical legal findings: While the internal hospital review of the incident did not reveal any concerns with respect to the nursing care provided by the involved nurse, medical legal expert review of the case was critical of the care provided to the patient. While the frequency of monitoring appeared to follow the organization’s Least Restraint Policy, the nurse’s decision to remove the patient’s restraints conflicted with the orders provided by the attending physician. Expert review also questioned the nurse’s decision to remove the restraints in spite of the patient’s significant agitation in the hours prior. Review of the patient’s chart revealed that ten minutes prior to the removal of the patient’s restraints, the involved nurse had described the patient as “agitated”. However, at the time of the removal of the restraints, the patient was noted to be “coherent and calm”, with the nurse documenting that she had confirmed the removal of the restraints with the charge nurse on dutyGive your personal reflection of how you feel, what could have been done differently in this situation and any lingering questions you may still have.  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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