Assessment – Module 2: Journal

Perceptions of Alcohol and Other Drugs Use the United States

In this journal entry you will reflect on how perceptions of alcohol and other drug use in the United States. You will also explore social norms regarding alcohol and other drugs. Finally you will reflect on changes to the law for tobacco use and you will provide your opinion on whether you think the new laws will be effective in achieving its stated goals. 

  • Briefly explain how perceptions of alcohol and/or drugs changed over time. Outline one example of how perceptions have changed on one of the following: alcohol, marijuana, prescription pain medications (e.g. opioids). 
  • Explain how you have experienced conflicting social norms about alcohol and drug use. Name at least one example of these conflicting norms. 
  • The minimum age for tobacco for purchases has increased to 21 under federal law Tobacco 21 in December of 2019. Do you think that the recent change in the age for tobacco purchases to 21 will be effective in achieving the goal of reducing tobacco use overall? Why or why not? 

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Assessment – Module 2: Journal
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