Assessment – Monitoring and the Audit Process


Determine your mock airline’s monitoring and audit process. Your mock airline is called Voyage Airlines. Listed within the attachments sections is background information regarding Voyage Airlines. This paper can include specifics on an audit plan and how you would measure and enforce an audit plan, specifics on airline operations, etc.

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Assessment – Monitoring and the Audit Process
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Include three to five core components that you believe are essential within an audit plan for airline operations. Discuss how the core components correlate to each other and benefit oversight within the organizational structure. Be sure to include a method of measurement for your suggested audit process.


Also, include a summary on your mock airline’s monitoring and audit process to recap the key points for the reader.

Locate and use at least one peer-reviewed article and two other references within your paper and use in-text citiations for each reference. 

This paper must be written in current APA format and must be 2 to 3 pages in length not including your reference or title page.

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