Assignment – Business Data Communication


Ling is a famous artist with two galleries in Hawaii. Many of his paintings and prints are sold to tourists who visit Hawaii from Hong Kong and Japan. He paints 6 to 10 new paintings a year, which sell for $50,000 each. The real money comes from the sales of prints; a popular painting will sell 1,000 prints at a retail price of $1,500 each. Some prints sell very quickly, while others do not. As an artist, Howard paints what he wants to paint. As a businessman, Howard also wants to create art that sells well. Howard visits each gallery once a month to talk with clients, but enjoys talking with the gallery staff on a weekly basis to learn what visitors say about his work and to get ideas for future work. Howard has decided to open two new galleries, one in Hong Kong and one in Tokyo. How can the Internet help Howard with the two new locations

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Assignment – Business Data Communication
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