Assignment – What does the memo explain to college administrators? In what areas does the memo excel in its clarity?  In what areas could its clarity be improved?



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Assignment – What does the memo explain to college administrators? In what areas does the memo excel in its clarity?  In what areas could its clarity be improved?
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Review the attached (and ) memo and write a one-page response to the following (use MLA format):  

What does the memo explain to college administrators? 

In what areas does the memo excel in its clarity?  In what areas could its clarity be improved?  

In what ways are visual and typographical cues used well to help readers find information?  In what ways could the use of these cues be improved? 

Locate the statement that discusses mid-semester operational stance changes. Why is this statement important? Given its importance, is it placed well? 

How does this activity help you to understand how clarity, accessibility, and arrangement impact ethical communication? 

Lesson 5 


Attached Files: 

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After viewing and analyzing audience for the TED Talk, design an advertisement to help promote or bring awareness to this topic (Human Trafficking). Your goal is to inform the target audience and reach a new audience.  Your advertisement should include images and any other information that you all deem necessary to draw the interests of your audiences. You may need to complete some research. Remember to use creditable sources. If you are not sure, ask your professor. When done, write a brief memo in which you all analyze the audience and discuss how designed advertisement appeals to needs and expectations of the audience. 

TED Talk Link: I was human trafficked for 10 years. We can do more to stop it.  

Submission Reminders: Be sure to save your work as a PDF and upload it to Blackboard for a grade. Use any medium you find necessary to create your document. This could include: PowerPoint, AdobeSpark, Photoshop, Google, etc. 


Review the following link to an NPR that shows the different spins that newspapers place on the same topic. You are expected to click the links of the different stories to see the full article.  

Post at 350-500-word commentary on the differences that you find in the way that different new sites present the same or similar information. 

Consider the following questions: 

What differences can you see in the way that different newspapers handle the same story? 

Consider the photographs, the headline, the information we receive. 

Does one feel more informative? 

Does one have more sensationalist language? 

Does one have information the other doesn’t? If so what? 

What do the differences reveal about the intended audiences of the sites? 

Do you think that the spin is effective in helping them garner their audiences? Why or why not?  


For the third step in this project, you will submit to this discussion board a set of carefully crafted and revised instructions for a future TCC student that guides them systematically through completing the necessary task that you selected in Lesson 9.You should attach a revised, polished project document. 

The finished instructions must include at least two custom-made charts, images, or charts that add clarity for your audience. These graphics must both include appropriate alt text. You should not use any source material while completing this activity. The structure, steps, graphics and other ideas must all be your own. 


After reviewing the lesson and “The DIAGRAM Center Image Description Guidelines,” locate one image from . Create your first post with the images, a link to the source for the image, and your own generated alt text (at least three sentences). After creating the alt text for each image, provide a brief assessment of the general usefulness of alt text for both individuals who require alt text and those who do not and the difficulty in creating accurate alt text. 

After submitting your initial post, write a response to two classmates that: 

Shares an insight you gained from reading your classmate’s post 

Evaluate their alt text for both images, offering recommendations or highlighting particularly effective elements 

Lesson 12 


In the final step of Project 2 you are going to test one of your peer’s instructions!  

In order to complete this final step, a concurrent think aloud test, you will need a a quiet space, microphone, and a program like Screencastomatic, PowerPoint, or OBS to record your screen and voice. You should not appear on screen at any point during your usability test, so you do not need a webcam for this activity. 

You will be responsible for reviewing the instructions posted directly after yours in the discussion board. Students who do not follow this instruction will not receive credit for this assignment. 

Steps to complete Project 2 – Part B 

Download the instructions submitted by the student who posted after you 

You can print the instructions or open the instructions side by side with the application window necessary to complete the task 

Record your screen as you walk through the instructions step by step 

Do not read the instructions before beginning 

Think out loud, narrating each step, asking questions, and offering suggestions as they arise 

If a step is missing, note the missing step and attempt to continue 

If you can not continue after attempting to resolve the issue for 1 minute, restate the last step you were able to complete and end the recording 

Download the “Usability Test Form” template document from the lesson 

Copy the usability report into your reply post to the author of the instructions you are reviewing 

Complete the form and include the video where directe 


After exploring the four stages of usability testing via the linked pages above, reflect on what you have learned about the process. 

What did you already know? 

What surprised you? 

What seems like the easiest part? 

What seems like the hardest part? 

How can the principals of usability testing be used in your current or future career field? 

This reflection activity should be 250-300 words long and may use informal academic voice. 

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