Case Study “OB” Sheena Smith is a 29-year-old African American…

Question Answered Case Study “OB” Sheena Smith is a 29-year-old African American… Case Study “OB”Sheena Smith is a 29-year-old African American patient who presents with complaints of contractions every 3 minutes lasting for 20-30 seconds. She rates her pain at 6/10. She is frightened because she has experienced this before. She states, “baby is not due for a few weeks”.  She is a G4 P1 T2 A0 L3 with a last menstrual period of September 3/2019. Sheena tells you she had a baby at 32 weeks after PROM and is afraid is going to happen again.You obtained her vital signs which are as follows: B/P 122/78, T 98.6 P84 R 16, SA 99%. FHR on doppler is 168 bpm/min.Figure out Sheena’s due date :__________________When admitting Sheena, what are some of the questions we want to ask? Why do we want that information? How are contractions timed? When admitting a pregnant woman who else must we assess? How do we do that?What findings make you believe she is in active labor?You must call the Doctor and talk to him about Sheena, Use the SBAR format provided to provide information to MD. Health Science Science Nursing NUR MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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