Discussion – Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan – Social studies and language arts

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Please use lesson plan template attached

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Discussion – Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan – Social studies and language arts
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DIRECTIONS: After reviewing the module resources and the readings, complete this assignment. Consult additional research. 

For this assignment, you will design or redesign an Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan you can use in your setting and with your students. Interdisciplinary lessons are especially interesting to gifted students since they present a unified approach to learning, exposure to creativity skills development, 21st-century skills development, and real-world connections. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a content area focus for your lesson plan (language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies).
  2. Include the following in your lesson plan for creativity development:
    1. Scientific connection 
    2. Reading connection 
    3. Arts connection
    4. Social interaction 
    5. Technology integration
  3. Provide research evidence that supports each item above as important to creativity development. Review the for more specifics.
  4. Explain your expected outcome for each item above as it relates to creativity development. 
  5. Be sure to use the attached for your assignment and complete it in its entirety. 

*Please note that it is okay if some of your components overlap. For example, reading creativity development could be collaborating on a story performance that addresses social interaction. Be sure to note this in your explanations on your lesson plan template.

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