Discussion – LU Asset Distribution Discussion

LU Asset Distribution Discussion

Part I: A new client has come into the office and is very upset. Alex Smith recently purchased a freezer from Star-Rent-to-Own. Alex thinks he may have been the recipient of a bad contract.

Six months ago, Alex and Sandra Smith signed an agreement with Star Rent-to-Own to purchase a freezer. The Smiths signed an agreement stating that they would make 8 monthly payments at $100. The Smiths thought this price was a bit high, but knew they could make the $100 payment each month. The freezer was delivered the next afternoon.

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Discussion – LU Asset Distribution Discussion
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During the fifth month of their contract, Alex began performing online research in order to purchase an identical freezer as a gift for his mother. Alex learned that the freezer is sold at Lowes, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart. The price listed by each retailer ranges from $229 to $249. Alex and Sandra were heartbroken that they were paying more than triple the cost of other retailers.

Alex and Sandra have already paid $600 on the contract. At this point they would like to avoid making the final 2 payments. Before the attorney can make a decision on whether or not to take the case, the attorney needs to make sure that the Virginia courts apply a two-prong test for unconscionability. The case that the attorney learned this two-prong test from is Galloway v. Galloway, 622 S.E.2d 267 (Va. Ct. App. 2005).

Read Galloway, then locate 2 additional cases that examine the two-prong test for unconscionability. Draft 1 paragraph (4–5 sentences) for each of the additional cases. Each paragraph should include a sentence that explains whether the court applies the two-prong test for unconscionability.

Part II: Assume that the attorney and the Smiths are Christians. Draft a paragraph explaining whether a Christian should seek to get out of a contract. 

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