Homework – Business Analytics Assignment

Business Analytics Assignment

Use the attached data file for the following.

You are an analyst for a multi-state company in the food industry. Clean the data, if needed, and explain the following:

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Homework – Business Analytics Assignment
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1. What city buys the most products? Explain.

2. What region has the highest revenue? Explain.

3. What is the most popular category of food? Explain.

4. Provide a time series analysis for each product.

5. Are there any other techniques you could use to analyze the given data for food sales? Explain.

6. Finally, think about how you could use these techniques at your own job or future job. Explain in-depth how these techniques could assist your organization.

7. Questions one to four should have a pivot table, graph, etc. to find these answers. Then explain in-depth which city, region, and product is performing best. You will need to explain this to management, and your recommendations to potentially grow sales in other regions.

Need minimum 6 peer reviewed citations. APA format. 5-7 pages of content + charts, graphs and figures.

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