Homework – Dignity Board


After reading the article, think about how you can make and include a dignity board in your own classroom. It does not have to be titled “Dignity Board” but must meet the requirements of one. How you name it and present it will depend on which age group you are working with. Using the dignity board from the reading as a guide, create your own and explain why you made it the way you did and how you expect for it to help establish a respectful and loving environment.

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Homework – Dignity Board
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  • Write in complete, grammatically correct sentences and ensure complete thoughts. Avoid single word responses or answers that lack thought or justification.  
  • Write in paragraph form
  • Make sure you address all requirements.
  • Proofread!!! I cannot stress this enough. Grammatical accuracy matters greatly and points will be deducted accordingly. I recommend re-reading what you write, reading it aloud so that you can actually hear errors, and asking someone else to read it for you. 
  • Resource to support your creation provided below; however, you are not limited to said resource and are always encouraged to reserch further, on your own, if needed.


  1. Create the board using any application (word, powerpoint, adobe, etc). (2.5 pts)
  2. Reflection/Explanation:
    Why you made it the way you did (1 pt)
    How you expect for it to help establish a respectful and loving environment. (1.5 pts)


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