Homework – Unit 7: FDI Inflow Analysis


Report on your research of FDI inflows/outflows across the globe and within the Asian Continent. Appropriate graphs and/or tables should be provided to support your report. Utilize APA format. Elect a project manager who will submit the report on behalf of the group. Include all group members’ names in the report.

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Homework – Unit 7: FDI Inflow Analysis
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  1. Conduct a literature review to compare and contrast global foreign direct investment inflows received by Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Note: Middle Eastern countries include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, etc.

The below needs to be added to the world document attached.

1. Based on your research, suggest the top five countries in Asia that receive the most FDI from other advanced countries 

2. Discuss why these Asian countries are leading in FDI inflows from other advanced countries.

3. Draw tables/figures where necessary.

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