In the Anatomic position, the thumbs point? -Forward -Out, away…

QuestionAnsweredIn the Anatomic position, the thumbs point? -Forward -Out, away…In the Anatomic position, the thumbs point?-      Forward-      Out, away from the body-      Backward-      Do not point anywhere-      In, toward the bodyHaemostasis involves the following steps in order ?-      Vasoconstriction, coagulation, platelet plug, formation-      Vasoconstriction, platelet plug formation, coagulation-      platelet plug formation, coagulation, Vasoconstriction-      coagulation, Vasoconstriction, platelet plug formation The most common form of anaemia is?-      Haemophilia-      Haemorrhagic-      Aplastic-      Pernicious-      Iron deficiencyWhich of the following is the best description of the substances cells required to produce energy?-      Water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and glucoses-      oxygen and water-      glucoses and water-      glucoses and oxygen-      glucoses and oxygenWhich of the following statement is true about Keratin?-      it is an anti-microbial substance-      Protect the skin from damage UV rays-      it is an anti-microbial substance produced by the sebaceous glands-      it aids the manufacture of vitamin D-      protects the skin from chemical damageA Common cause of iron deficiency is ?-      A large blood loss-      Heavy menstrual periods-      Vitamin B12 deficiency-      Viral infection-      Destruction of the bone marrowA cell which has a semipermeable membrane is placed in a solution of water andsolutes. In the solution the concentration of the solutes is more than what isinside the cell. What do you think will happen after a period of time? –      The cell will shrink because the solutes will diffuse out-      The cell will burst because water will tend to move into the cell due to osmosis-      The cell will burst because water will tend to move into the cell due to filtration-      The cell will shrink becuase water will tend to move out of the cell due to osmosis-      The cell will stay the same size as water will move freely in and out   Serous membranes can be found..? –      Lining Joints and organs-      Lining body cavities open to the external environment. You selected this answer.-      Around the lungs and heart-      Between the epidermis and dermis-      Living the bladder, lungs and kidneys A disease that causes the alveoli walls to become brittle and break, causing larger alveolispaces IS; –      Emphysema-      Asthma-      Pleurisy-      Pneumonia-      BronchitisWhich one of  the following statements accurately states how most of the oxygen istransported in the body? –      Dissolve in the blood plasma-      In the red blood cells-      Attached to albumin-      In the plasma membrane-      As gas bubbles in the blood  Nutrients such as glucose, amino acids and electrolytes are carried in the blood in.. –      Red blood cells-      White blood cells-      Plasma-      Haemoglobin-      Platelets  Which of the following statements best describes one of the task that would be carried out by a social worker? –      Provide dietary grid-      Provide aids to help with daily activities-      Provide aids to help with-      selected this answer-      Shower the client-      Prescribe exercises to improve mobility   Asthma can be best described as; –      damage to the alveoli which causes excess mucus production and bronchospasm-      a bacterial infection that causes necrosis of lung tissue and bronchospasm-      an inflammatory process of the bronchioles and alveoli caused by an infection-      bronchial obstruction as a result of swelling, mucus production and spasm.-      inflammation of the pleural lining causing pain, swelling, cough and bronchospasm  Pressure ulcers occur due to.. –      An increase in supply of blood to the skin cells causing swelling and cell death-      A reduction in the supply of blood to skin cells-      Poor diet-      Severe dehydration-      A fungal infection in the skin  Which of the following statements best describes one of the tasks that wouldBe carried out by an occupation therapist? –      Help a client access financial support-      Provide psychological support-      Assess a client’s ability to Prepare a meal-      Prescribe exercises to improve mobility  The plane that divides the body into superior and inferior portion is the –      Transverse plane-      Frontal plane-      Oblique plane-      Sagittal plane-      Coronal plane   What is the term used to describe the passage of water and solutes, forced byhydrostatic pressure through a membrane? –      Active transport-      Filtration-      Osmosis-      Facilitated diffusion-      Simple diffusion   A basal cell carcinoma (BCC) –      is the least serious form of skin canoe-      is a serious form of skin cancer-      has a 10% chance of spreading to the lymph-      can lead to the development of mononucleosis-      is found in the mesentery lining         In directional terms the elbow is what to the wrist ? –      Medial-      Proximal-      Lateral-      Distal-      Superior   The best description of Orthopnoea is; –      narrowed trachea-      inflamed airways-      orthotics to assist breathing-      having to sit up to breath-      having to lie down to breath  Water is? –      a compound of an element-      an element of molecule-      an atom-      a compound   Which of the following is a role of the sinuses? –      Act as resonate chambers for speech-      Absorb mucus-      Drain fluid from ventricles in the brain-      Increase the turbulence in the nasal cavity-      Manufacture white blood cells   Which three elements can be found in carbohydrates, proteins and fats?  –      Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen-      Sulphur, carbon, hydrogen-      Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon-      Oxygen, sulphur, carbon-      Oxygen, carbon, nitrogenHealth ScienceScienceNursingShare Question

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