Individual interviewed consents to interview and understands no identifying factors will be disclosed and information will be kept confidential for…

Question Cultural Assessment Please do not list names or patient identifiers on the assessment form. PLEASE Upload to Class Activity, Week 3, Day 1-Cultural Assessment -ActivityPlease indicate: Individual interviewed consents to interview and understands no identifying factors will be disclosed and information will be kept confidential for the purposes of student cultural assessment interview practice. Box 9-4 Potter & PerryNursing Assessment QuestionsOpen-Ended• What do you think caused your illness?• How do you want your provider and nursing staff to help you with your problem?• Tell me how your beliefs affect your views on medical treatment choices and your willingness to receive care.Focused• Did you have this problem before?• Is there someone with whom you want us to talk about your care?Contrast• How different is this problem from the one you had previously?• What is the difference between what your care provider and nursing staff are doing and what you think they should be doing for you?Ethnohistory• What is your ethnic background or ancestry?• For patients who are first- or second-generation immigrants: How long have you/your parents resided in this country?• Tell me why you/your family left your homeland.• How different is your life here from back home?Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity• What is your legal name? (just ask- don’t write or type if for confidentiality)• How do you prefer to be addressed? (just ask- don’t write or type if for confidentiality)• What is your preferred pronoun? (he, she, they, or something else)• What is your gender?• Are your current sexual partners men, women, or both?• In the past have your sexual partners been men, women, or both?• What is your current relationship status?Social Organization• Who lives with you?• Whom do you consider members of your family?• Where do other members of your family live?• Who makes the decisions for you or your family?• To whom do you go outside of your family for support?• What expectations do you have of your family members and support people? Are there different expectations for family members and support people of different ages and genders?Socioeconomic Status• What is your main source of income?• If employed: What do you do for a living?Bicultural Ecology and Health Risks• What caused your problem?• How does this problem affect or how has it affected your life and your family?• How do you treat this problem at home?• What other problems do you have?Language and Communication• What language(s) do you speak at home?• What language(s) do you use to read and write?• How should we address you or what should we call you?• Which kinds of communication upset or offend you?Caring Beliefs and Practices• What do you do to keep yourself well?• What do you do to show someone you care?• How do you take care of sick family members?• Which caregivers do you seek when you are sick?• How different is what the providers of care do from what your family does for you when you are sick?Reflection for the SN- answer the following: 1.    How did the interview flow?2.    What would you differently to improve interview skills?3.    How did you feel throughout this process? Health Science Science Nursing NR 222 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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