Preceptor wants me to develop a plan on howto achieve the following core clinical objectives during my rotation. Suggestions are given under each…

Question Answered step-by-step Assignment: Preceptor wants me to develop a plan on how to achievethe following core clinical objectives during my rotation. Suggestions are given under each clinical objective. Be specific and precise.Core Clinical Objective #1 safe and effective care environment for clients and health care personnelFor example, perhaps I would work with my preceptor to discuss infection control practices and policies to be updated due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting long term care. OR can you discuss how you will support nurses as the leader? Often as the leader we are one step away from the bedside and are often supporting the bedside nurse.Core Clinical Objective #2 Integrate knowledge of expected growth and development, health promotion, and prevention strategies to achieve optimalhealthAn idea to make this tangible and leadership focused would be helping to an employee health program to help staff with dealing with the stress of working in the facility along with other issues they may be facingCore Clinical Objective #3- Provide nursing care that promotes and supports psychosocial well-beingHow do leaders support nursing care in the psychosocial realm? Perhaps it is targeted at their staff, which then would provide tools for their team to provide to their patients? The trickle effect.Core Clinical Objective #4- Promote physiologic integrity by providing care and comfort,reducing risk potential and managing health alterations.How does your mentor/leader currently promote physiologic needs within the mentee’s she serves? Perhaps it is those that report directly to her; perhaps she is responsible for a specific quality and safety measure as the leader.Core Clinical Objective #5- Develop professional nursing identity and clinical judgementIs there a specific way you will enhance your professional nursing identity and judgment as a leader? Often this can be straightforward strategies that grow over time.Core Clinical Objective #6- Provide evidence-based, patient-centered care incorporating data from healthcare technologies to improve client care, as part of the interdisciplinary health care team.Perhaps there is one specific area you want to focus on for this objective to make it measurable and within the confines of 45 hours. For example, does your preceptor have a data point they are watching closely for improvement? That may be an excellent idea for this objective. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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